J-H is the lead partner in our New Aging*Whole Living* Meaningful Life initiatives including a speaker series, a re-tour of the Continuum Exhibit, a 2016 Optimism conference, and Meaning Matters.  J-H was founded on the south shore of Cedar Lake in Minneapolis in 1888 by Jane Harrison and Judge Jones, and is the longest running senior care residence in the state of Minnesota, with a reputation as the gold standard.

Pillsbury United Communities

PUC has been helping individuals and communities strengthen from within for 135 years.  PUC operates community centers and social programs, and is the authorizer for 30 charter public schools.  The PUC Urban Institute for Service and Learning is our training base for Discovery of Self and we are exploring further integration of DoS into the UISL training agenda.


Pathways has been a 25 year pioneer in providing resources for a creative response to life threatening illness, and an environment of meaningful support and connection.  Thousands over the years have taken advantage of their many free services, and have benefited from their innovative programming. Continuum Executive Director, Jane Barrash, was a founding member of Pathways, and the two organizations have been long-time compatriots.

The Heart and Mind Connection

A MN 501c3 providing advocacy, education and peer support, sharing lived experience with mental health recovery.