Public Seminar

Using the proverbial “5-10%” is like driving a plane in taxi mode.

Learn more about the new operating assumptions and internal resources that represent a universe of untapped excellence. Learn how to course-correct mistaken assumptions that have clipped wings and led to Sobering Statistics.

For example there’s a mistaken assumption that if everyday activities require use of both right and left hemispheres, it means a) we are always using all our brain and b) there is no basis for talking about left or right brain thinking, it’s all one unit.

The new paradigm provides evidence of current inadequate brain development, and insight to why we have been using only a fraction so to speak of our brain/mind capacity. Despite activation of the ‘terrain’, an area can be activated at a low level and be under-engaged and under-developed. There is more than just on or off. There are degrees and qualities of attention, and there are different levels of capacity, from mundane to mastery.

“Activated” is not the same as “fully activated,” and engaging some basic functions of right or left hemispheres, emotional brain or frontal lobe is not the same as engaging greater capacities of those regions.

The findings of quantum physics have been largely ignored or minimized. Their implications fit snugly with findings from other fields to paint a picture of a universe more like a mirror than a machine…where you can step through the looking glass and bring a whole new outlook and outcome to everyday life.

Learn to find needles in hay stacks, create opportunity out of adversity, and weave straw into gold. Find out what you’ve been missing. Discovery of Self

Discovery of Self is a unique and powerful eight-hour program synthesizing cutting-edge research from fields including quantum physics, medicine, the neurosciences, and time-honored teachings from Native American, West African, East Indian, Asian and Tibetan cultures. Discovery of Self is eleven concepts and three simple strategies designed to fundamentally alter your perception of self, others and the universe, and to develop critical internal resources that have been overlooked or underdeveloped.

Jane Barrash is executive director of Continuum Center. She has worked for 30 years with world-renowned physicists, physicians, brain scientists, creativity experts, corporate leaders and cultural leaders. She has been teaching Discovery of Self for 25 years to audiences ranging from teachers, health care professionals, and corporate executives to high-risk youth and maximum-security inmates.

“I’ve noticed an improvement of attitude at work and a greater ability to deal with daily challenges since we had Jane here for The New Intrapreneur program about eight months ago. I believe it was a big boost to morale that we showed employees we care about their development beyond their job function, though it does have many benefits for job performance.” Ivan Rafowitz – President, Northern Cap Manufacturing

“It’s been almost a week since the New Intrapreneur: Discovery of Self at Work seminar and I can’t believe how noticeably different I face my everyday challenges…I’ve never been so deeply impacted by a day-long seminar! This is truly amazing. I feel fortunate to have received your messages and I’m planning to send my staff.” Sharon Madigan – Marketing Manager, CenterPoint Energy

“This is certainly less linear, bigger perspective and more thought-provoking than other personal/professional development programs. It’s less specific about objective issues, more about the life skills that not only help with the objective issues, but with so much more. Nice work, Jane. Way to be.” Steve Davidson – President, D’Amico Catering

“She taught me more about myself in the first four hours than I learned in 34 years. She answered questions I didn’t even know I needed the answers to!” Shelly Jeffersons – Gateway Computers

“Discovery of Self/The New Intrapreneur course is a new and interesting way to think, and has helped me on more than one occasion. Jane is great, a 10. All the interesting stories put the messages in perspective. This is the first program I’ve attended (like this) – what a privilege.” Trendy Lee – Product Development, Northern Cap Manufacturing

Cost: $190 or $120 Students/Seniors 65+. Includes workbook and lunch. Scholarships are available, call about multiple registration discount.

For information on presentations and seminars for corporations, schools, hospitals or other institutions and community groups call (612) 374-4948 or email

“Discovery of Self is filled with many valuable insights…it is a treasure destined to become a leader of its genre.”  Ed Belbruno, Ph.D. – Princeton University astrophysicist; President, Innovative Orbit Designs

“Discovery of Self is an integrated examination of consciousness, etc that I have not found anywhere else. I am very grateful for this session.” Madeleine Grinyer – Corporate Systems Strategy, UK

“Small group size was great, discussions were good and I liked that Jane did her research and is an expert on the topic. I can use these concepts and practices to help kids see through different lens.” Becky Cantellano – Exec Director, St Paul Urban Tennis

“Very educational and enlightening. Supported with great research and books, and with emotion/feelings not only analytical/intellectual facts.” Kevin Hart – VP Investments, Van Clemens