Einstein was asked “What’s the most important question?” To which he replied, “The most important question is, ‘Is the universe friendly?’”

Stress from lives lived out of control has reached epidemic proportions and has manifested in myriad ways. Whether addicted to alcohol, prescription medication, street drugs, anger, sex, cigarettes or food, symptomatic behavior problems cannot effectively be treated without addressing the underlying feelings of overwhelm, fear, anxiety, insecurity and isolation in a perceived and very stressful me-against-the-world existence.

“Discovery of Self has all the components of a curriculum which can really help strengthen responsibility, creativity and self-worth. Shifting the frame of reference to power within the self has the potential to save our society a lot of unnecessary suffering. With caring and well thought-through, structured programs like Discovery of Self, the ripples of healing will spread throughout our society.” Joan Borysenko, PhD – Tumor cell biologist, psychologist, NY Times best-selling author and co-founder of the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute

“Discovery of Self has helped me focus myself and let go of thoughts that hinder, or destroy, parts of my life. It has broadened my view of the world and events in my life. I no longer think that I am motionless. It has allowed a peace and happiness I never possessed. DoS has allowed me to begin to grow, because I was stuck in my circumstances.” Craig Chosa – Stillwater Prison

Discovery of Self is a powerful synthesis of leading-edge research from physics, medicine and brain science, and time-honored teachings from Native American, West African, East Indian Asian, Tibetan, Mayan, Egyptian, and ancient Greek cultures. It is designed to address the widespread sense of disconnectedness, victim-hood, hopelessness and lack of self-worth that afflict so many struggling to overcome addiction and adversity.

“In these last three days I’ve learned a lot about myself. Thanks to this class, I’ve learned how to manage my anger. Instead of leading to negative thoughts, I rather use my imagination to overcome the situation. So I’m thankful for the chance to learn, excel and better myself.” Willie

Blending science and traditional wisdom with real life stories from past participants, DoS provides a conceptual framework for a magical, responsive and friendly universe, and a set of strategies to develop the inner resources necessary to open up a new world of opportunity. New psychoneurophysiological skills combine with self-awareness, possibility thinking and personal responsibility to create a new foundation for self-confidence and behavior change.

I want to thank you for bringing Discovery of Self into our program of recovery. The four supervisors we sent to your seminar have had a fundamental shift in how they view themselves in the world and this shift has positively altered how they interact with those who report to them. As a program which helps addicts and alcoholics achieve long-term sobriety and self-sufficiency, we are all about finding ways to move people to a paradigm of hope and possibility. The Discovery of Self curriculum provides a whole new toolbox”. Kevin Lynch – President, Rebuild Resources

Predicting and portending a new paradigm of health and wellness, the Discovery of Self curriculum has quietly been delivered to thousands of participants. The low success rates for the current model of dependency and behavior modification programs indicate the need for a profound shift in approach.

Based on Continuum’s 35 years of working with internationally known and leading-edge physicists, physicians, biologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists and cultural leaders, our methodology represents not just a needed change but a whole new paradigm.

Our program provides insight to why we have been using only a fraction our brain/mind capacity and how to access the proverbial “other 90%” for transforming our quality of life and health. DoS teaches revolutionary concepts and develops crucial internal resources designed to optimize human capacity.

Participants will:

  • Access undeveloped internal resources (imagery, intuition, focus, self-regulation)
  • Develop a new perception of personal responsibility and possibility
  • Develop a new empowering set of operating assumptions for life
  • Learn how to attract positive people and opportunities
  • Strengthen psychological equanimity and ability to turn negatives into positives
  • Learn cellular and neural recalibration, and how to positively influence brain and body chemistry
  • Understand why buttons get pushed and how to eliminate them

Many people have talked about positive thoughts and feelings, but no one before ever gave me tools to make that happen. Teacher – Little Hoop Tribal College

Contact Jane Barrash: jane@continuumcenter.net 612.374.4948


Discovery of Self has been taught one hour weekly over the course of 9 months or in one 8-hour session, and many variations in-between. Follow-up sessions are also available for groups or one-on-one. If out of the Twin Cities area, Jane can travel spending 2-4 days at a time (2-5 hours each day) with each group and with selected staff if desired.

As Executive Director of Continuum Center, Jane Barrash has worked for 30 years with internationally known physicists, physicians, brain scientists, biochemists, psychologists, mathematicians, space scientists, and cultural leaders (past speakers) to design a program for maximizing human capacities and leadership development.  She has taught populations ranging from Fortune 100 executives and medical professionals, to the most seriously mentally/emotionally disordered public school students and maximum security inmates.  As a peak performance expert, Jane became a state figure skating champion at age 51 and 52, and a world champion at 54 (Making the Quantum Leap), and recently helped take a high school boys’ basketball team, in the roughest Minneapolis neighborhood, from worst to first http://www.startribune.com/local/minneapolis/249151451.html

“Since my involvement with Continuum Center and through the Discovery of Self program, I’ve been learning to change my views and ways of thinking before I react to a situation. Before I would just react in a negative way, but now I just look for positive solutions and outlets to grasp on to and to dis-spell the darker storms in my struggles. The breathing technique has also alleviated a lot of stress and frustrations that I have experienced. My eyes have really been opened to a very kool world and universe that I never thought existed.” Nick Jones – Ojibway (Red Lake)
The following is a letter from a mother whose 16 year old son had been through treatment but was still struggling. He was also having big problems at school when he came to a one-day DoS class:

“Since taking your class my son, John, seems to have more confidence in himself.  He is taking more responsibility and advocating for himself at school.  We did not see much of these behaviors previously.  He now has tools to help himself now and has become more secure in himself.  He speaks highly of the relaxation exercises and says they help him tremendously.  With surgery last week he missed a lot of school and some important tests.  While he still struggled with the tests his increased confidence was really important when communicating with his teachers.  He needed to discuss his schedule and needs with them while still fulfilling his obligations.  He was able to do this, something he lacked the confidence to do before.  He is different with us as well…not the same moodiness. He says he has a whole new way to look at things, and a better sense of being. Thank you so very much!” Michelle

“I took the Discovery of self class every week for about six months while I was at St Stephen’s homeless shelter.  We had intense discussions about people like Helen Keller, the Dalai Lama, Dr. King, Malcolm X and, more importantly, the logically unexplainable things that would happen in our lives.  I continue to use principles I learned in DoS to stay focused and remember that things aren’t always as they appear and anything is possible”.  BROTHER

“I see students participating who usually wouldn’t participate. A student who usually acts out until kicked out of class sits quietly – often afraid to talk or make eye contact – but listens…Students have become vocal about their feelings about Discovery class: “Discovery is cool.” “They talk about interesting stuff.” “I don’t know what it is, but we want to talk in there…”” Chris Seilor – Special Ed

I found my positive self decaying away.  Without your class I would still be losing confidence and hope.  My thinking and overall attitude has been bettered with the help of your class…I hope that you will continue to spread your positive influences and ideas to people EVERYWHERE.  Good luck, and thank you for being there for people and for knowing what society needs.”  Leonard Clarin – Oak Park Heights maximum security prison

“This class is empowering – I can choose how I respond to all circumstances.  I can find and interpret positive things out of a seemingly negative person or situation.  I am learning to take emotional risks and draw boundaries”.  Anonymous – a substance abuse treatment center

“I think I kinda understand myself a little better than I did before.  The thing that helped me most is thinking positive.  The reason for that is because I’ve been going through so much from living in a shelter to almost living in a car to being evicted.  Not knowing ware I’m gonna stay for the night.  Ever sence i’ve been taking the Discovery of self class, I’ve been more positive when me and my dad were trying to find a place to stay and didn’t know what to do.  Now I live in New Brighton and I like our new place!”  Jameisha – 6th grade

“I believe that we have been introduced to a curriculum and philosophy that merits inclusion in school programs that are focused on building self-esteem and helping students choose alternatives to the circumstances they grew up in.  The material is pertinent and meaningful to this age group, this difficult to reach student population, and to students of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  Participating in this experience has been exciting and motivating.  For students at Hennepin County Home School, I believe it could make a dramatic difference.”  Barbara Krig, Teacher – Hennepin Cty Home School for boys

“I think Jane has really helped me and others so far within only three days. I have really learned a lot about what triggers my anger, she has been inspiration to me changing my life and controlling my mind and thoughts. These things have come at the right time it is truly a blessing seeing that I am dealing with a lot in life just when I thought it was hard I got to see that I am blessed. This class has motivated me to make complete change and I will honestly practice what I have learned. Thank you. Sometimes you need certain people to come a long and I believe this was a gift from God.” Larry (from the south side of Chicago)

“I took the Discovery of Selfclass every week for about six months while I was at St Stephen’s homeless shelter…I continue to use principles I learned in DoS to stay focused and remember that things aren’t always as they appear and anything is possible”BROTHER

“This program is really helpful to me and others, it allows me to discover who I am.  It helps me find my inner guide of myself and how to relate to my problems and others too.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to revise my life.” Lionel – from the south side of Chicago

“I have learned so much about myself and my other classmates.  Ms Barrash is a great teacher and this class is a great reality check and helped me dig deeper to be a better me.” Nina – from South Shore (Chicago)