In 1981, Continuum Center started its speaker series in a partnership with Macy’s (then called Dayton’s) New Visions New Values, featuring Jehan el-Sadat (former First Lady of Egypt), Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, (death and dying expert), astronaut Edgar Mitchell (sixth man to walk on the moon), Alex Haley (author of Roots), and futurist Alvin Toffler (author of Future Shock and Third Wave).

Since then we have hosted dozens of internationally known speakers: physicists, physicians, brain scientists, biologists, biochemists, immunologists, mathematicians, cosmologists, creativity experts, corporate leaders, and Native American, West African, East Indian, Asian, Tibetan, and Mayan cultural leaders.

From their different scientific disciplines and cultural traditions, they bring forward a very unifying message about the nature of human capacity and the transcendent continuity and interconnectedness of life.

Given all the disaster scenarios, we feel it is vitally important to promote the research and time-honored teachings that give cause for optimism in a new universe of possibility.

Past Speakers