The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.Einstein

Discovery of Self is a unique interdisciplinary and cross-cultural curriculum providing a conceptual framework for profoundly changing one’s perception of self and the world, and strategies designed to access undeveloped internal resources for focusing, innovation, creativity and self-regulation/self-relaxation/self-awareness, and empathy.

Together the framework and strategies move participants to experience how one’s subjective states, or mind, or INvironment, significantly affect one’s external circumstances or ENvironment.

“Continuum Center’s Discovery of Self program has a stellar track record training emotional literacy and resilience in both children and adults. From the classroom to the boardroom; from at risk youth to inmates, this program inspires, excites, and transforms the lives of those fortunate enough to have access to it.”  Joan Borysenko, PhD, tumor cell biologist, psychologist, co-founder of the Harvard Mind-Body Clinic, and NY Times best-selling author.

The Discovery of Self curriculum provides:
1. Scientific concepts that challenge one’s basic assumptions about how the world works, and inspire optimism about our greater capacities to learn, to be well, and to attract/create opportunities, resources and positive relationships.

2. Exercises and practices that develop internal resources for focus, self-discipline, imagination, motivation, and improving outcomes.

DoS fosters six traits we believe are necessary for health and success academically, professionally, and personally: optimism, confidence, connectedness, self-awareness, self-regulation (of mood and physiology), and personal responsibility.

“This class has taught me that things aren’t always as they seem and how to let go. I used to snap and not calmly think things through. And I learned imagery and how to use it in different situations.”  Paul Hill – American Indian OIC School to Work program

Classes are 50-55 minutes in length and can be held once or twice a week for 3-9 months. Retreats or seminar sessions can also be scheduled.

Our workbook provides a framework addressing the whole child, tying together the diverse aspects of self-exploration with structure, practices, and support for both dream-making and goal setting. Guest speakers and access to a library of videos reinforce the concepts and principles of interconnectedness in a universe in which dreams can come true when you tap into the everyday magic of life. And when things happen that feel like muck instead of magic, how to find or create, and amplify, the positive in and with every negative.

One example of the concepts we teach is paradox.  We have been conditioned by an either/or framework which states that things can’t be two opposite ways at the same time.  Common sense, right?

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”  Einstein

A photon (quanta of light) is both a particle and a wave at the same time. It is both material and non-material at the same time. That makes no logical sense; according to rational logic it’s not possible. That’s like saying a table is both solid and 99.9% space at the same time. Well, it’s true. It’s a paradox. It’s more than rational logic can accommodate.

Rational logic is useful as a tool but we have made it the map and it is taken us dramatically and epidemically off course.   We need to expand our thinking and perception.

Ancient Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy maintains that the universe is made up of opposites (like positive and negative electrons make up the atoms that make up the physical world), and that there is positive and negative in everything. Where are you going to put your attention?

DoS is the course correction. It’s a new level of thinking…

When children (of all ages) discover that the inner world of thoughts, emotions, imagination, expectation, etc is real, and very important, they begin to introspect and redirect…in ways that can greatly enhance their lives, in and out of school. Testimonials

Sample Lesson Plans

…it’s innate…kids get it right away yet currently are instructed to focus on the “real” world of material senses and values.  We have two hemispheres and the right is for big picture, non-linear, intuitive and transcendent thinking.  It’s essential for knowing how to use the 3 dimensions (+time) AND also to develop our capacities to draw from dimensions beyond them.  Every physicist now acknowledges that there are likely more than just these 3 space dimension and one of time.  We need to develop the skills to effectively navigate all of life’s many dimensions…inner and outer.

There are different levels to logic.  Rational logic is one level.  Intuitive logic is a higher level.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Einstein

Clearly we don’t well understand the nature of the human psyche and what it needs for healthy development. Suicide has doubled in the last 50 years. Stimulants prescribed to youth went up 5X from ’02-’12, 30% of college students, 70% of population on 1 med, 20% on 5 or more, addiction rates rise as do rates for cancer and heart disease, as well as special ed and incarceration. Sobering Statistics

We believe at some point people have to step back and say, “Hey, maybe we need to really take a hard look at even our most cherished assumptions about what children need to learn to live fulfilling, healthy, effective lives?”

It’s time to rethink what being human is all about, and what consciousness is and what it requires for optimal expression. The leading-edges of science have brought us to a new quantum description of reality and humanity; one that echoes ancient wisdom. When students learn to turn on their own light, they can really shine.

“This program has helped me in many ways. It has opened my eyes to a variety of different views I would have never have thought of. I have already explained this program to a number of different people, and I said it sheds light on different parts of humanity and life that we neglect. As a result life isn’t as successful as it could be.

I have definitely used the breathing and imagery exercises and it has helped me relax, and has helped me look at situations with a different state of mind. This program really has helped me understand a lot of things that I wouldn’t have understood before.”  Matthew – Age 15 (Matthew had been a cutter)

DoS combines a wealth of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary information with many engaging real-life stories which illustrate the application of the scientific research. Also in the mix are group questions and discussion, ancient cross-cultural traditional teachings, and exercises/practices.

“During the twenty five years I have known Jane Barrash she has been a leader in expanding conceptions about learning and education. I served for a time on the Continuum Board and came to know her well as she broadened public understanding about human consciousness, physical and mental health, and human growth and development. Thousands of people benefited from her work.”Wayne Jennings, Pioneer in education reform and the charter school movement

“I’ve learned a lot in this Discovery of Self class. Some of the things that I remember best and/or have seen in action are synchronicity, diaphragmatic breathing, attitude (of course), the subjective and objective, and Cartesian science and quantum physics.  Quantum physics is a new way of thinking that is still being developed. It takes into account that feelings, dreams, and all of the subjective world is very real. Just because you can’t see something or measure it doesn’t mean it’s not there or real. “ Mary Farrell – Skills for Tomorrow High School

Many times the school system is not addressing the issues kids are dealing with today. Issues such as how to deal with the problems and situations that youth encounter in today’s world.Discovery of Self not only deals with it, but gives “real life” solutions that youth can use.”  Darrell Thompson, President, Boulder Options

“First, I have had a long standing fascination with quantum mechanics, and also with the ways that its “quirkiness” can play with many of the paradigms that we tend to hold dear. Second, I found much of what Jane had to say dovetailed and brought together a lot of information that I had learned from various sources.”Mark English, St. Olaf College