Exhibit History

A Chase Manhattan Bank executive in Los Angles on business, happened across a unique exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry in 1978 (it broke attendance records; 2M people in less than a year). After walking only part way through it, he called his friend Hugh Harrison, philanthropist and an heir to the 3M Corporation, to tell him what he had discovered.

Hugh caught the next plane to LA and reacted much as his friend anticipated. The exhibit drew great interest from the likes of the United Nations who wanted the exhibit for their rotunda, and the Smithsonian, but it was a too fragile to move. Hugh purchased rights to Continuum from Catherine Dees and Kay Croissant, the two visionary theosophists who created the exhibit, and, under the auspices of JFK University, built a $250,000 world-class presentation.”

Hugh arranged to have the new exhibit brought to Minnesota via some Eastern stops, like Boston City Hall. Upon arrival on the Twin Cities, it toured very prominent locations (including 51st floor of the IDS), received high praise from dignitaries and the general public alike. In 1979, Continuum Center was founded in Minneapolis to support the exhibit and further explorations and applications of consciousness research. The large and heavy Continuum Exhibit was laid to rest after more moves than it could handle.

Now a partnership between Continuum Center and Jones-Harrison, the longest-running nursing home in the State of MN (1888), is spearheading a re-creation/update of the exhibit and a tour starting local, then outward. Coincidentally, after confirming our partnership, it was discovered that Hugh Harrison is a direct descendent of Jane Harrison, co-founder of Jones-Harrison Residence (located on the south shore of Cedar Lake in Minneapolis).

The new edition Exhibit will include much additional supportive research in the decades since the originals, and open in conjunction with a touring Optimism conference, bringing hopeful messages of interconnectedness and continuity to a world so deeply in need of both.

The Continuum Exhibit is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, multi-faith exploration of consciousness, and the interconnectedness and continuity of life. Spanning many cultures and 1000’s of years, history’s great scientists and wisdom traditions present and consider evidence that consciousness can exist independent of the physical body, survive death of the body, and that we are interconnected in ways upon which we can build an optimistic and hope full future.

“The Continuum Exhibit was on display here [the LA Museum of Science and Industry] for over 10 months and 2,011,111 persons had the opportunity to view this excellent exhibit.  It was very stimulating and the public reaction was terrific.  As a matter of fact a number of symposia were built around the exhibit.”  William J McCann, Museum Director, in a letter to Dr Robert Fisher, President of JFK University

“No one can say where man ends.” Carl Jung

“You could not discover the limits of the soul even if you traveled by every path in order to do so; such is the depth of its meaning.”  Heraclitus (6th BC)

“The recognition that physical objects and spiritual values have a very similar kind of reality is the only known point of view consistent with quantum mechanics.” Eugene Wigner Nobel physicist