Continuum Center programs are designed to bring forward top-notch, world-class information about, and demonstrations of, the greater possibilities of our brain/mind/capacities and a new universe of opportunity.

Our programming reaches widely diverse audiences/participants demographically and geographically, from Fortune 100 executives to families in the slums of Rio, medical professionals to maximum security inmates, athletes to accountants.

Our programs represent leading-edge research from quantum physics, neuroscience, medicine, biology, mathematics, biochemistry, psychology and cosmology, along with the convergent time-honored Native American, West African, East Indian, Asian, Tibetan, Mayan, Greek, and Egyptian teachings.

We bring forward unique syntheses of information and application that we have mined, refined, and field-tested…plus some that are newly leaving the drawing board. All to support optimism, interconnectedness, well-being, and peak performance – in any area of human endeavor.

Training and Seminars

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