Equity Mindset: The inner road to inclusion

Laws can change, new policies written, and more dollars spent on conventional resources, but if you don’t change hearts and minds, those uninterested in equity will find ways to skirt laws and policies, and those receiving needed resources will too often deplete them due to ongoing drama and crisis.

Based on Continuum’s 40 years of working with internationally known and leading-edge physicists, physicians, biologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists and cultural leaders, our methodology represents not just a needed change but a whole new paradigm of human abilities and possibilities for creating new and better realities. A more equitable system comes the way a healthier community evolves – when individuals develop the mindset and internal resources to – regardless of obstacles – create their own opportunities, challenge stereotypes (others’ and their own), and feel/forge connections where there are divisions.

As the following video shows, a needed change is a transformation that begins within, a shift of focus from managing externals variables to first managing internal states, perception and mindset, that can move both sides of the imbalance. Social/emotional intelligence is key to both transformation and justice, demonstrated in this 12 min Response to Racism from the Inside Out:  https://vimeo.com/538878753 featuring 3 DoS alumni, including Jordan Powell Karis who led the construction and installation of the 12’ fist at the George Floyd memorial sit.

People who have felt marginalized and those who have had more options to fit in, can move from a perception of separation to an interconnectedness eliciting a creativity, receptivity and a caring to engage and collaborate. The foundation for change begins within.

“Ms Barrash, it was an extreme pleasure to have you here to present to our men.  Your message of positive hope and change of lifestyle fits exactly with the needs of these men.  Many struggle with a myriad of issues.  The men’s response to your class was very positive; they still mention some of the things you pointed out.  We are able to talk to the men about feelings and emotions that you brought to light.  I look forward to an increased awareness and a more positive outlook from them thanks to your assistance.”  TJ Jones – Urban Ventures, Center for Fathering

Many people have talked about positive thoughts and feelings, but no one before ever gave me tools to make that happen. Teacher – Little Hoop Tribal College

“Discovery of Self takes a unique and effective approach to self-actualization.  We now make this program available to a wide cross-section of our clientele, ranging from the chronically chemically dependent American Indian women in our Kateiri residence to the chemically dependent men living on the street, served by our Alliance of the Streets program.  In addition, DoS is part of our homeless shelter program and in our efforts to prepare long-time welfare recipients for the workplace.”  Ed Murphy – Executive Director, St Stephen’s Human Services

Our program provides insight to why we have been using only a fraction our brain/mind capacity and how to access the proverbial “other 90%” for a new universe of opportunity   Teaching revolutionary concepts and developing crucial inner resources, participants in all-sized communities:

  • Access undeveloped internal resources (imagery, intuition, focus, self-regulation)
  • Develop a new perception of personal responsibility and possibility
  • Develop a new empowering set of operating assumptions for life
  • Learn how to attract positive people and opportunities
  • Strengthen psychological equanimity and ability to turn negatives into positives
  • Begin cellular “recalibration” and transform brain and body chemistry
  • Understand why buttons get pushed and how to eliminate them

“The information related to self, care for others, and attitudes was most useful. This seminar is much mire extensive than any I have previously attended – it embraces all areas: interpersonal, medical and others. It has been conducted in a most fruitful manner. I highly recommend it to any institution and am confident it will help us in all the job activities.” Sakho Ibrahima – Hotel Plaza Athenee

We draw from a range of ancillary resources like films. This one, produced by the Gegax Foundation (Tom Gegax was founder of Tires Plus), explores systemic racism’s roots and remedies. Highly affirming for a black audience, It was produced with a white audience in mind, likely unaware of some astonishing facts. The film has a wide range of compelling interviews, images and stories, sparked by the murder of George Floyd. SPARK provides an overview and ways through to a new sense of “us” and of possibilities.
Spark: A Systemic Racism Story 9 min trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hJUcHvVZWc or go to the www.spark-doc.com to see full-length 32 min film.

Understanding how it is that we can shape our realities, and taking responsibility for playing a role on either the dominant/advantaged or dominated/disadvantaged (consciously or unconsciously) “side”, are crucial steps toward a needed quantum leap to not only level the playing field but create new fields and new levels of play.

“Jane Barrash presented a program which I believe has the ability to enhance and enrich the lives of every Gateway employee and their families. I recommend this program to ALL employees. It would be a powerful tool if Gateway was to help lay the foundation for career and life success. Our employees’ success creates our success.” Anthony Hilger – Supervisor, Gateway Computers (acquired by Acer)

Nobel neuroscientist Roger Sperry said “Consciousness is a causal reality”. “Causal” means “can make things happen”. Understanding the profound potential of inner states to level outer playing fields and influence the behavior of other players is a study and application that goes way beyond Mindfulness, the benefits of which are but the tip of the iceberg. If we don’t recognize that iceberg of consciousness and human capacity, symbolizing the hidden depths of our capacities, and open people to their fuller humanity and interconnectedness, we will see continued division and cause for anger, anxiety, depression, and other emotions.

The overall development of character and social/emotional intelligence leads to new relationships and allyships. Positive new connections and interactions are the soul of social change and equity outcomes. Discovery of Self helps participants make deeper dives into who they are. When you go deep enough it takes you to a deeper connection with all people, better able to see, hear, feel, and support others as well as self in ways that benefit all.