Recent findings in physics, biochemistry, psychology, psychiatry and the neurosciences converge in ways that provide a provocative and compelling new view of human capacity and the inner mechanisms of the healing response.  Increasingly, we approach matters of health from the perspective of mind and not just body, emotions or intuition and not just logic, and – surprisingly – the realms of scientific research neatly dovetail insights of many ancient cultures for improving the course and quality of our health, our life, even our death.

The result is a new paradigm that provides insight to why we have been using only a fraction of our brain/mind capacity, and how we can leverage much more of the internal capacities we have for well-being.

What could you do with the proverbial “other 90%” of brain/mind capacity? In this unique seminar, physics and medicine, brain research and space science converge with Native American, East Indian, West African, Asian, Mayan, and Egyptian time-honored teachings, expanding your capacities for optimal living and optimal health.

Explore the power of paradox, the nature of non-local causation, non-linear thinking, the myth of objectivity, and the amazing properties of light.  Access innate “technologies” for growth, health, and transformation; expand your thinking, improve how you feel, and discover a whole new universe of possibility.

“The information related to self, care for others, and attitudes was most useful. The seminar is much more extensive than any I have previously attended – it embraces all areas: interpersonal, medical, and others.  It has been conducted in a most fruitful manner – I highly recommend it to any institution and am confident that it will help us in all the job activities.” Sakho Ibrahima, (5 star) Hotel Plaza Athenee, New York

“I found the challenges to my “real world assumptions” most interesting.  This course is outstanding.  I’m extremely impressed with the number of relevant examples given with material that might otherwise be too abstract.  Other programs focus on technical skills or soft skills.  This program has a more holistic approach to improving not only our professional performance, but us as a whole.”  Wes Hodges – Mgr, Gateway Computers



~ Access undeveloped internal resources: imagination, intuition, focus, self-regulation/relaxation

~ Develop a new sense of both opportunity/possibility and personal responsibility

~ Develop a new high-performance set of operating assumptions for work and life

~ Attract and retain positive relationships

~ Strengthen internal immune system and external support system

~ Improve quality of personal and professional life

Program Outline

~ Consciousness and human capacity

~ The Scientific Method – Descartes’ idea from 3 dreams

~ The dream in the machine

~The dream world is real (West African)

~ Matter is an illusion, Maya (East Indian)

~ Your 5 senses deceive you (Ancient Greek philosopher/scientists)

~ Myth of objectivity

~ The power of paradox

~ Subatomic reality and unpredictability

~ Non-local causation

~ Einstein and light/”spooky action at a distance”

~ Photons and the nature of reality

~ Light and dreams, creativity and health.  Melanin and the brain

~ Imagination: passport to transformation (health, business, learning, relationships, sports)

~ The 5 building blocks of imagery

~ New Self New Health

“Discovery of Self is brilliant.” Caroline Myss, PhD, the first woman in publishing history to have two books concurrently on the NY Times best-seller list in non-fiction.

“Your presentation makes one examine how we think and our everyday assumptions – it opens the mind.  Compared to other personal/professional development programs, Discovery of Self comes across as more real.  Your delivery and experience makes one want to hear more.”  Chuck Harstad, VP, Corporate Marketing, 3M

“Your work is blessed and inspired.” Larry Dossey, MD , NY Times best-selling author, first physician asked to deliver the Mahatma Gandhi Annual Address in New Delhi, founding editor EXPLORE: Journal of Science and Healing.

I can’t think of one person who made a greater contribution than you have to my understanding that balance is not simply zero sum games.  Our discussions have led me to a greater appreciation of how our consciousness is a major determiner of health and illness as well as our relationship with our planet and all people and all things therein.” Al Olson – Former Director, Health Education, Minneapolis Health Department

“Of the many concepts presented, I found synchronicity to be most interesting.  When I am tuned-in, I find synchronistic events daily in my life…I have witnessed the impact I have on others and how my own state of being is affected.  It is far more profound than my technical skills.  Nice session. Good luck in your work.”  Joel Langford – CFO, St Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana

“A New Look at Human “Being” and Our Inner Resources for Health” “Jane has a superb delivery – I really liked how she organized the myriad material that’s covered.  I felt it had the right amount of story, experience, sharing, evidence and discussion.  This is so important for nursing students to learn about…it was a fascinating day.”  Mary Johnson – Professor of Nursing, St Olaf College