Community Leadership and team building

The strength of any size organization lies in the clarity of its mission and the innovation to drive it, the range of motivated team members who advance it, and the resources they have at their disposal. Employee engagement – of lack of it – has been a tremendous drain on organizations of all shapes and sizes. Evidence shows that meaning matters. People want to be part of a meaningful vision, valued for who they are and what they can contribute, and they want leaders who can inspire them and help them grow personally and professionally

Continuum Center’s Discovery of Self trainings have gone to Fortune 100 executive and medical professionals as well as homeless adults and the most seriously emotionally behaviorally disordered youth. Our DoS trainings have been used for leadership development, staff development, community development, selfhealth, diversity/equity, and academic and sports performance. Our programming has been to reservations, large corporations, 5 star New York hotels, slums of Rio and homeless shelters, University of Chicago, St Kates, and one of our exhibits was in its way to Morehouse when COVID hit.

Our programs synthesize the leading edges of science with time-honored cultural teachings to provide

  • A framework for understanding a new, more optimistic and empowering set of operating assumptions for life, relationships, health, learning and business
  • Access to profound internal resources, currently underdeveloped, for finding needles in haystacks, turning adversity into opportunity, and attracting resources out of thin air

Leadership is more than technical, logical and strategic thinking. It’s about big picture thinking, intuitive/creative insight, and about inspiring a team – however large or small – to greater performance because they’re happier, healthier and more focused, able to work more effectively and harmoniously with others – across all manner of professional and social divide – toward visions that inspire.


“Discovery of Self is filled with valuable insights into our existence. It is a treasure destined to become a leader of its genre.” Ed Belbruno – President, Innovative Orbital Design, former Dean, NASA Academy

Robust research indicates that a sense of meaningful connection is vital and that humans are wired to thrive and shine with a sense of interconnectedness, but we’ve been fooled by the illusion of our 5 physical senses to perceive  physical objects as separate. Ancient and indigenous cultures have warned of this illusion and visionary voices from science and politics are just some of a growing number from many directions who echo the need to transcend physical limitations that otherwise hold us back from the best of who we can be individually and who we can be together.

To build effective teams, leaders need to address issues of meaning, and social connection/impact, as well as productivity, staff wellness and work-life balance. The DoS mix of information download, stories, whole and small group discussion and a few simple exercises and activities, can meet those objectives.

“For many years I’ve used what I learned from Discovery of Self personally as has my husband and sons, and we’ve all seen the results. As President of NAACP-Mpls I’ve used the concepts and methods with my team, for problem-solving and strategy, and in the community to help bring people together for a common cause even when there are disagreements.” Cynthia Wilson – President, NAACP-Mpls