Mental/Emotional Wellbeing:

The Insight Out Approach for individuals, families, groups, schools, organizations and corporations


Dating back to 1970’s, Nobel research and studies from institutions including Harvard, Princeton, and Baylor, demonstrated the impact that inner states of consciousness, mindset and emotions have on every aspect of our wellbeing. Continuum Center has been developing and pioneering applications of consciousness research for 40 years, largely under the radar.

Anxiety, obesity, depression, addiction, and suicide have been epidemic and on the rise for decades. At a time when overwhelm and stress, helplessness and insecurity have surpassed previous crisis levels, there is room for optimism. It turns out optimism itself is a healing agent and can be taught – as well as other mindset traits for health and success, despite adversity.

“I’m retired from my first career as a nurse and consultant in the mental health field, and then as an administrator in the law firm of Dorsey and Whitney. This has been the most exciting and useful Elder Learning class I’ve ever taken, opening a new world of possibilities in living and relating to people in ways I didn’t think possible, in changing outcomes, in “seeing” some of the 90% I didn’t before.” Yvonne Eckstein – Retired nurse

Norman Cousins, former editor of the iconic Saturday Review, assistant professor of medicine at UCLA and renowned for reversing a fatal degenerative nerve disorder, spoke of the brain like a pharmacy able to dispense dozens of chemicals in unlimited combinations – depending on attitude. Ellen Langer of Harvard showed how mindset can reverse aging, Harvard and Baylor showed that placebo meniscus surgery was as effective as actual surgery, and there’s ample evidence that teachable positive attitudes/traits can significantly improve outlook.

Continuum Center brings a far more empowering and uplifting approach to maximizing our capacities for mental and emotional wellbeing, and positive social connectedness, which builds a positive corporate culture, in turn feeding individual and corporate productivity.

“It’s been almost a week since the Discovery seminar, and I can’t believe how noticeably different I face my everyday challenges… I’ve never been so deeply impacted  by a day-long seminar! This is truly amazing. I feel fortunate to have received your messages and am planning to send my staff.” Sharon Madigan – Marketing Manager, CenterPoint Energy


Discovery of Self – The Insight Out Approach to Mental/Emotional Wellbeing is a training to help employees get out ruts of overwhelm and anxiety, deactivate triggering buttons, and use undeveloped inner resources to create a new universe of possibility. In the face of one’s challenges, our DoS programs lead to the kind of resourcefulness and resilience most needed to respond most effectively.

“Most interesting was the information on diaphragmatic breathing, imagery and mind-body healing. Jane is dynamic, has good stories and is an excellent teacher.”  Larry White – President, St Patrick Hospital, Missoula Montana

“Discovery of Self may be the leading edge of the next major breakthrough in thinking.” Kevin Tholen – Manager, Brand Loyalty, 3M

DoS has been delivered to populations ranging from Fortune 100 executives and medical professionals to the most seriously emotionally/behaviorally disordered youth and homeless adults. Designed to strengthen optimism, confidence, connectedness, self-awareness, self-regulation, and personal responsibility, DoS has applications and shows benefit across many sectors of business and life, from leadership, employee development, and DEI, to creativity, health behaviors, productivity, social/emotionally intelligence, and mind-body wellness.

“Thank you so very much for your presentation. The staff that attended were so moved that we kept discussing the topics well after you were gone. Personally, I want to thank you for opening my eyes, to situations in my own life where I am attracting certain people/issues. You truly are a breath of fresh air!” Trendy Osman – Regional Coordinator, Muscular Dystrophy Association


We also work with athletes to support peak performance. Our program was focused largely in North Minneapolis with North High Polars over the past 8 years (see documentary, True North).

Jane Barrash is a peak performance and vision, focus, and mindset development coach who draws on four decades of work with internationally known scientists and cultural leaders in the consciousness and human capacity development domain. In addition to developing and teaching her Discovery of Self programs to leaders from the former CEO of the American Marketing Association to the current president of NAACP-Mpls, as well as entry level corporate employees and all levels in between, Jane worked pro bono to help turn around a failing high school basketball team and made a documentary of the process. She is also a competitive figure skater, becoming a world champion at age 54, and winning her third state championship at age 62 against skaters 30 years younger.

DoS combines vital info downloads with story-telling, group discussion, and simple exercises  that open up new ways of understanding self, other, and circumstances, and internal resources for finding needles in haystacks and turning adversity into opportunity. Harness the power of the placebo effect…access the proverbial “other 90%” of brain/mind capacity to create more dreams and less drama.