Quantum Leadership

Many of our institutions are up against a wall because we are hanging on to a paradigm that yielded many great advances, but is no longer adequate to move society forward. That paradigm, from the late 1600’s, focused exclusively on what could be physically measured and on the ever-smaller parts in the attempt to fully understand the big picture.

Consciousness and an interconnectedness of life could not be measured and were ignored; individually and collectively the resulting limitations have been disabling.

Emerging scientific and social research, and 25 years’ field-testing a holistic approach in a new paradigm, offer great promise for going beyond the current limitations. There are new operating assumptions to develop human capacity/”human capital” at higher levels than possible under the old paradigm. Quantum leaders are capable of leaping beyond the traditional constraints and creating cultures of quantum leaps on many levels.

“Of the many concepts presented, I found synchronicity to be most interesting.  When I’m tuned in, I find synchronistic events daily in my life…I have witnessed the impact I have on others and how my own state of being is affected.  It is far more profound than my technical skills.  Nice session.”  Joel Langford – CFO, St Patrick Hospital

“Quantum Leadership struck a resonant chord in me that will leave something inside me forever, and it will make everything else easier. I, as one CEO of a modest not-for-profit, will be using your observations and assertions in my personal leadership style. I had already intended to make the AMA culture one that would be the envy of every other knowledge-based enterprise; but the providence of having met you will now allow me to do so with a path dramatically better lit”. Russ Klein, CEO American Marketing Association

At a time that rates of employee disengagement are high and loyalty rates are low, the kinds of trainings and environments most needed and in demand by employees are those that promote positive emotional states and, because those internal states are linked to high performance, those are benefits leaders want as well. Optimism, confidence and inclusivity are top of the list; self-awareness is now considered a necessary attribute of leaders, and all these become entrained in the quantum paradigm

Discovery of Self connects the big picture with everyday life.  It is both relevant and enduring, and offers truly unique insight.  Other professional/personal development programs cannot compare with Discovery of Self; these concepts I’ve learned will help me in all aspects of my life and, since the seminar, diaphragmatic breathing has become a lifesaver!Mindy Thompson – Founder and Chief Retail Officer, Simply Retail, Inc

It was a pleasure having you speak for Executive Women International-Chicago chapter.  Your topic was something that truly made us think about the range of impact our inner selves has on our lives at work and home.  Everyone found the information and various tips to be very valuable.  You engaged the audience from beginning to end with a wonderful presentation.  It did what is so important, yet not done often enough – it opened us up to learn.” Dawn Jacobson – Program Chair, EWI

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More: We need leaders to help model and operationalize this new balance between insight/oversight, control and adaptability.  Leaders who can bring a new level of optimism based on a paradigm of increased potential and on reducing fear, building a sense of interconnectedness and creating more hard-working love in this world…developing our fullest capacities to create something wonderful together out of thin air.

Quantum Leadership



~ Descartes, the scientific method, and the mechanistic paradigm

~ The dream world and subject-objective interplay

~ Neuroscience and the nature of reality

~ Attitudes and outcomes

~ Mind as magnet


~ Illusion of Matter

~ Paradox

~ Quantum Leap

~ Light

~ Observer Effect

~ Metaphor

~ Synchronicity


~ Imagery

~ Diaphragmatic Breathing

~ Focusing


Course instructor and Continuum Center Executive Director, Jane Barrash has worked for 30 years with internationally known physicists, physicians, brain scientists, biochemists, psychologists, mathematicians, space scientists, and cultural leaders (past speakers) to design a program for maximizing human capacities and leadership development.  She has taught populations ranging from Fortune 100 executives and medical professionals, to the most seriously mentally/emotionally disordered public school students and maximum security inmates.

As a peak performance expert, Jane became a state figure skating champion at age 51 and 52, and a world champion at 54 (Making the Quantum Leap), and recently helped take a high school boys’ basketball team, from worst to first http://www.startribune.com/local/minneapolis/249151451.html

Develop Internal Capacities. Create quantum leaps of change. Discover a new universe of possibility.

Discovery of Self is filled with many great insights and is destined to become a leader of its genre.” Ed Belbruno – President, Innovative Orbital Designs;  Assoc Prof Mathematics, Princeton; Former Dean, Project Affairs, NASA Academy

“Most interesting was the information on diaphragmatic breathing, imagery and mind-body healing.  Jane is dynamic, has good stories and is an excellent teacher.” Larry White – President, St Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana

“Your program makes one examine how we think and our everyday assumptions – it opens the mind.  Compared to other personal/professional development programs, The New Intrapreneur comes across as more real.  Your delivery and experience makes one want to hear more.” Chuck Harstad – VP Corporate Marketing, 3M