We provide access to the research findings and conclusions of esteemed leading-edge scientists from various fields, collectively describing our universe and our humanity as far more than conventional, mechanistic, Newtonian models indicate.

At the center of the paradigm challenge is consciousness research – which cuts across physics, neuroscience, psychology, and biology as well as every other field of science.

Accordingly, in the conventional mechanistic, materialist, Newtonian pre-quantum model (350 years old), consciousness is not real; instead it’s a by-product of what the brain does. It is chemical and neural activity, nothing more. No brain, no consciousness.

The fundamental assumptions of the classical mechanistic model have been profoundly challenged for more than 100 years with the dawn of quantum physics, and challenged since by pioneering scientists from many fields, who call for consciousness and non-material reality to assume a central and primary position.

There are few scientists today who would insist there are only 3-dimensions (+time), yet we deny all but 3D material reality. Doesn’t it make logical sense that if there are more than 3 dimensions there’s a very good chance human beings – with our magnificent brain – would be equipped to navigate them?

Given we have a whole half of our brain dedicated to transcendent, intuitive, big picture capacities, might that be valuable real estate with important resources? Unfortunately, in our cultural orientation and education system the left hemisphere dominates and the right is under siege.

The combination of a paradigm that’s mechanistic and materialist (3 dimension-minded), with an operational definition of intelligence including only our rational, logistical, parts-oriented capacities, will inevitably lead to where we’re at: widespread and rising rates of disease and dysfunction. Sobering statistics

When consciousness and interconnectedness get reintroduced into the chain of cause-and-effect, a new universe of opportunity opens up. There is more attention to inner states as a key to transforming one’s outer reality. We shift from the paradigm of probabilities and predictability to the paradigm of possibility and personal responsibility for quality of life and leaps.

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Current concepts of the mind-brain relationship involve a direct break with the long established materialist and behaviorist doctrine that has dominated neuroscience for many decades.  Instead of renouncing or ignoring consciousness, the new interpretation gives full recognition to the primacy of inner conscious awareness as a causal reality.”  Nobel neuroscientist, Roger Sperry

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.  We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.  This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”  Max Planck founder of quantum mechanics

Einstein (sometime after the 1927 5th Solvay conference in Brussels (with Heisenberg, Bohr, etc)):
Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man.”

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