About US

Continuum Center has been hosting programs and exhibits, and designing application projects since 1979, to educate about – and demonstrate the practical applications of – a far more magical, interconnected and continuous universe than has previously been supported by science.

Now there’s plenty, coming out of Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Amherst, NIH, NASA, Cambridge, U of Chicago, U of Virginia, and more. Chairs, deans, and Nobel winners – many, many widely respected scientists, spanning a century of research – provide a new paradigm that includes consciousness and meaning in a primary role. When it comes to an up-to-date and adequate description of reality, a quantum description is evidence-based, internally consistent, and intuitively coherent beyond just 3 dimensions (+time).

We are moving beyond the [20th century] scientific framework to a subtle awareness of the oneness of all life, the interdependence of its multifold manifestations and the irrepressibility of its tendencies towards evolution and transformation.”Willis Harman, PhD, former senior social scientist at Stanford Research Institute International, professor of Engineering-Economic Systems at Stanford, regent of University of California, co-founder of the World Business Academy.

Our work is interdisciplinary and cross cultural. The Continuum Exhibit was both of those and also a multi-faith exploration of consciousness, its relationship to the physical universe and the physical body.

“The Continuum Exhibit was on display here [the LA Museum of Science and Industry 1978-79], for over 10 months and 2,011,111 persons had the opportunity to view this excellent exhibit. It was very stimulating and the public reaction was terrific. As a matter of fact a number of symposia were built around the exhibit.”William J McCann, Museum Director in a letter to Dr. Robert Fisher, President of JFK University.

Our Speaker Events feature world class scientists and cultural leaders, since 1981.

Our Discovery of Self  curriculum has been evolving since its pilot in 1991 at Harrison Secondary in North Minneapolis (a jr/sr high school for the most seriously emotionally/behaviorally disordered students) and has since expanded throughout a range of geography and demographics.

Our  New Aging * Whole Living * Meaningful Life initatives are designed to facilitate a new paradigm for what it means to be fully human. At any age, but particularly when facing death as more imminent, big questions of the meaning of life are at the core of the human experience. We have had a paradigm advocating the meaninglessness of life, when there is much evidence that transcendent meaning is central and what we need to live a whole and healthy life…at every age. We aim to educate about and demonstrate the positive impact of understanding self, other, life and death in the paradigm described by quantum physics  and brain science, while echoing time honored teachings.

“The Continuum Center stretches us to see ourselves interconnected with one another, growing through love, compassion and selflessness as we expand our understanding of the continuum of life.” United States Senator, Dave Durenberger

“Continuum works with scientists and cultural leaders to teach everyone from CEO’s to prisoners how to use the [proverbial] “other 90%” of their brains.” Jon Tevlin Minneapolis StarTribune 3/19/14

“Your work at Continuum is courageous, far-sighted and down to Earth” Larry Dossey, MD, first physician to deliver Mahatma Gandhi Annual Address