Leadership Luncheon

Jones-Harrison and Continuum Center are hosting small groups of 20 from business, healthcare, education and corrections whose diversity and leadership equips them to lead more than just change.

Co-hosted by Jones-Harrison and Continuum Center, our Leadership Luncheons are designed to bring together influencers from various segments who are interested in truly systemic change…at a level that impacts business AND healthcare AND education (and more). Our first such luncheon was in 1989, and former Strib editor Len Inskip wrote about the event co-hosted by Continuum Center and Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Guests included Earl Bakken – founder of Medtronic, John Burns – Medical Director at Honeywell, and Marlene Marschall – MN state health commissioner.

Inskip opened his article (“Treating Body – and Mind”):
“Death from a broken heart is more than folk wisdom. It’s something that happens – not literally but figuratively. Grief over a spouses’ death can weaken the survivor’s immune system and increase that person’s chance of dying. Dr. Larry Dossey used that attention-getting illustration and others last week in arguing medicine pays too little attention to people’s minds and emotions.”

Guests hear a ½ hr presentation from the featured speaker and spend 1.5 hours in discussion, finding opportunities for creative collaboration to operationalize this new paradigm.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Larry Dossey, MD – July 17, 2015

The Continuum Center’s goal is to expand public awareness of mind-body issues. It hopes to create a training program for people in medicine, much as it did earlier with whole mind training for teachers [a partnership with the MN State Dept of Ed].”  Len Inskip, Star Tribune 1989

”I am very happy to be involved with this it is very simulating and has my creative juices flowing.  I enjoy the info that is shared in the meetings and I do plan to be at the next meeting.” Odell Wilson III, Senior Supervisor of U.S. Probation Officers


“This presents an excellent opportunity to engage at an unusually deep level with other decision-makers from many sectors. Already a collaborative initiative has moved forward from a recent lunch discussion. It’s an environment of out-of-the-box, optimistic thinking.” Lowell Berggren, CEO, Jones-Harrison