Our Discovery of Self training programs and seminars have applications for audiences ranging from corporate executives to the most seriously emotionally/behaviorally disordered youth.

Since our 1984-86 Whole Mind Learning projecta partnership with the Minnesota State Department of Education, the Humphrey Institute and First Bank Minneapolis (now US Bank) – we have designed project initiatives on the forefront of business, medicine, education and community development. Discovery of Self is such an initiative, one we’ve been refining and expanding since 1987 and which draws on the expertise of many great minds.

Drawing from fields like quantum physics, chemistry and medicine, and from cultures including West African, Native American, Asian and East Indian, the curriculum is a unique interdisciplinary, cross-cultural synthesis. Discovery of Self is designed to provide a new set of operating assumptions and inner resource development strategies that can significantly improve the course, content and quality of personal and academic/professional life…at any age.

I see students participating who usually wouldn’t participate. A student who usually acts out until kicked out of class sits quietly – often afraid to talk or make eye contact – but listens…Students have become vocal about their feelings about Discovery class: “Discovery is cool.” “They talk about interesting stuff.” “I don’t know what it is, but we want to talk in there…” Chris Seilor – Special Ed Teacher





Public Seminar

“May be at leading edge of next major breakthrough in thinking.” Kevin TholenMgr. Brand Loyalty, 3M

“I learned more about myself in the first 4 hours than I learned in 34 years.” Shelly Jeffers – Gateway Computers, Hampton VA

“Jane has a superb delivery- I really liked how she organized the myriad of material that’s covered.  It had the right combination of story, experience, evidence and discussion.  So important…it was a fascinating day”.  Mary Johnson – Professor of Nursing, St Olaf College