True North: Science, streets and skating rinks of optimism 

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Making the Quantum Leap: Over the rainbow, through the ‘hoods and down the rabbit hole…on ice. A docudramacomedy about figure skating, quantum physics and social change. 8 min preview (2009).

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Continuum Center’s work is mentioned in this excellent documentary. SPARK: A Systemic Racism Story explores racism’s roots and remedies. It’s 32 minutes short and produced by the Gegax Family Foundation as a gift  to support efforts to acknowledge and remedy systemic racism. If it resonates, we hope you share it. to see full-length 32 min film

Continuum executive director, Jane Barrash, makes a brief appearance in PAINTING THE WAY TO THE MOON, an award-winning documentary about Science, Art, & Creativity, and the remarkable life and work of Ed Belbruno, PhD (Official trailer)

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A Discussion on Racism from the Inside Out:

Racism: An Inside Out Response from Continuum Center on Vimeo.

Featuring 3 DoS alumni, including Jordan Powell Karis who led the construction and installation of the 12’ fist at the George Floyd Memorial site. May 2021

Jane Barrash on Consciousness and Light: More than Just a Metaphoric Connection
Dec 10, 2023 Lake Harriet Spiritual Center

Mindsetters – Voices from North Mpls Summer 2020

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Our 1 minute video pitch to the MacArthur Foundation (submitted with Cynthia Wilson and Keeping My Focus (KMF)) 2016 OptimismZ 

Interview Life Unscripted podcast: Filmmaker Betsy Chasse (co-writer/producer/director of What the Bleep do we Know?! the 2005 runaway smash independent film on quantum physics and consciousness) interviews Jane Barrash 2011

William Arntz sold his successful software company and invested in what became a runaway global film sensation: What the Bleep do we Know?! What the Bleep Do We Know!? – Trailer – YouTube a docu-drama hybrid on consciousness, quantum physics, addiction, and creating your own reality. Also featuring Craig Rice (award-winning film-maker and past-president of MN Film and Television Board), Babette Apland (at that time VP of Behavioral Health at Health Partners). Long time educator and past principal, Jerry Sparby, also appears in some segments. Filmed at Continuum Center.

PBS-Continuum Series Deep Dish: Conversations on Consciousness 2006: Deep Dish With William Arntz |Change|PBS

Deep Dish With William Arntz |Why Am I Here?|PBS

Deep Dish With William Arntz |The Critics |PBS

Deep Dish With William Arntz |Intuition |PBS